What is PREDICT? 

PREDICT is a quality improvement project designed to dramatically improve dental access while reducing dental disease and dental care costs. PREDICT stands for Population Centered, Risk-Based, Evidence-Based, Dental Inter-Professional Care Team.  The target population for PREDICT is low-income children under age 21 and pregnant women (up to 2 months post-delivery). The goal is to manage dental care for this population in community settings and also change payment systems for dental care providers. The PREDICT model is being implemented in 7 "test" counties where there is potential to impact more than 40,000 lives. These counties were selected at random and include: Coos, Deschutes, Douglas, Jackson-Josephine, Klamath, Morrow and Wasco. Results will be compared with 7 "control" counties: Crook, Curry, Grant, Jefferson, Lake, Lincoln and Umatilla. Advantage Dental Services, LLC (Advantage) will provide the dental care and referral for treatment for PREDICT.



The quality improvement project is being funded by Advantage Dental Services, LLC and the evaluation of the project is supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Reducing Health Care Disparities through Payment and Delivery System Reform program.

The University of Washington and Advantage Dental Services, LLC are grantees of Reducing Health Care Disparities through Payment and Delivery System Reform-a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Trials Article (Protocol)

Population-centered Risk- and Evidence-based Dental Interprofessional Care

Team (PREDICT): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Milgrom P, Cunha-Cruz J, Shirtcliff RM, Bailit HL, Huebner CE, Conrad D, Ludwig S, Mitchell M, Dysert J, Allen G, Scott J, Mancl L.  Trials. 2015 Jun 20;16:278. doi: 10.1186/s13063-015-0786-y.

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