At Advantage Dental, one way success is rated is to see the positive impact that is being made in the communities served.  That's why, unlike many other insurance companies, Advantage is improving citizens' dental health through education, outreach, and awareness.  Below are some examples of Advantage Dental Community Outreach Projects.


Early Childhood Caries Prevention Protocol

Xylitol Gum 

Advantage Dental has always been an advocate for community involvement. Changing the mindset of the parent, who thinks cavities are a normal part of childhood, is the focus of this grass roots movement to redefine the dental paradigm. Advantage Dental’s community outreach is focused on helping the professionals who work with pregnant women and parents with infants and toddlers to teach them about preventative care. Advantage Dental is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that no member of any community Advantage Dental serves suffers the ravages of tooth decay or dental pain that inhibits their daily life.