"First Tooth" Program

First Tooth is an integration initiative developed to reduce early childhood caries in Oregon by training medical providers to implement preventative oral health services into existing services for infants and toddlers ages five and under. It is also available for WIC programs, HeadStart programs and other entities that have a vested interest in the oral health of children ages 0-5.

Early childhood caries (tooth decay) is a significant public health concern in Oregon and is the most common chronic disease of childhood, affecting five times more children than asthma. Despite its high prevalence, tooth decay is a preventable disease.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend that babies receive an oral health risk assessment, including a visual screening, anticipatory guidance, preventive strategies (such as fluoride varnish) and the establishment of a dental home by age one. Research studies show that the application of fluoride varnish can reduce tooth decay between 30 and 69 percent in primary teeth of high-risk children.

In order to fulfill these recommendations, First Tooth training topics cover the prevalence and impact of oral disease, risk assessment, culturally appropriate anticipatory guidance, fluoride varnish application, implementation, workflow tips and access to dental care and a dental home. Trainers also provide on-site support to build collaboration between dental and medical providers.

First Tooth includes:

  • 1.5 hour-long, in-office training for providers and staff on methods of integrating oral health preventative services into current services
  • Instruction on fluoride varnish application

What to Expect:

  • We can complete the training virtually or in person
  • We would need at least an hour, preferably 90 minutes
  • Our trainer would set up a meeting link if it is virtual
  • Virtual or in-person, we would need:
    • An attendee list
    • Have all attendees complete a training evaluation (We would need both sent to the trainer who would then issue CEU certificates for participating)
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